Friday, March 1, 2013

Pushing Our Luck [March Challenge ]


In the month of March, I'm participating in a new challenge.  February was Love My Abs.  March's challenge is called Pushing Our Luck and as you may have guessed, we're doing push ups!  We are following the One Hundred Push Ups online program.  Before I begin the challenge, I had to perform the initial test to see how many good form push ups I could do.  To have good form, your chest should almost touch the ground while keeping your body straight.  I may be "surprising strong" according to a friend of mine but I have a hard time with push ups.

I recorded my initial push up test.  Here's my first vlog post ever!

I tried to do regular (on my toes) push ups but instead I did alternative (on my knees) push ups.  I was able to do 21 alternative push ups.  According to the online chart, I will start on week 3, column 2.  I will continue to do girly push ups throughout this challenge and hope to conquer the regular ones some day.

Do you like push ups?  How many can you do?

Join us in the Pushing Our Luck Challenge!



  1. Glad you are joining us in the challenge and I loved your vlog!! I am about to go and do my day 1 set now :)

  2. Looking good on camera! Great job on the push ups! So glad you're joining us!!!

    Love the overlaying text to promote your FB page! lol Nice plug!

  3. I haven't done push ups in quite some time. I've been riding my stationery bike for months on end trying to reach my goal weight, which I'm happy to announce as of yesterday's weight in I'm only half a pound away to being at 105. I'm so very excited. I need to redefine the muscles in my legs. One would thinking bicycling would do it, but there's room for improvement. Maybe this is an age related thing. My doctor told me that no matter how much he runs he just can't get his legs looking the way they did when he was younger. So...I may just have to do the best I can. Great job on the push ups, though. I'm not sure how many of the alternate push ups I can do before falling on my face. =D


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