About Me

I'm Chrissy, a wife and mom, born/raised/living in the Tampa Bay area of Florida, who loves the outdoors.  I have two boys (ages 16 & 13) and an adult stepson.


I have a degree in Management Information Systems but haven't worked in the IT field since 2004 when I became a stay at home mom with my second son.  Now, I substitute teach part time at an elementary school.

I've been married to this awesome guy, Mike, since 2000.  I can't believe it's been that long but time really does fly when you're having fun.  Mike and I met in a week long, Microsoft class that he was teaching...I was the student.  It was love at first sight, or something like that.  I hoped he was under 30 years old and he hoped I was legal (I was!).  It's been mostly happily ever after since then.

I love running, biking, camping, swimming for fun, the beach, roller coasters and pretty much anything outside.  I finished my first and second marathons in Jan 2013 and became a Marathon Maniac.  I like to compete in sprint triathlons.  I need to work on my swimming before I move up to the next tri distance.  Recreational swimming is so much easier then race swimming.

In my downtime I love to read and watch movies.  Urban fantasy books are my favorite!  Give me supernatural set in our world and I'm hooked!