Sunday, September 8, 2013

Coteeman Sprint Tri Recap 2013

The Coteeman Sprint Tri is a small, local race with a lovely, safe pool swim.  No creatures from the black lagoon lurking beneath my feet.  No need to freak out because of the swamp water smell or murky waters all around me.  I grew up swimming and playing in Florida lakes but the one tri I did with a lake swim, freaked me out!  Anyway...back to the clear, non scary waters of a pool.

This was my second time participating in the Coteeman Sprint Tri.  I must admit that I didn't train as much as I should have.  I was running, biking and swimming as my usual exercise, but I didn't put them together and do any bricks.  It was a pool swim so I knew I'd survive.

We even bought fancy sTRIders tri suits!

The short pool swim was great.  I was in and out and on to transition 1.  I know I need to work on speeding up my transitions times.  I'm too particular to get in and out of transition quickly.  I actually left grass on my feet this year instead of wiping it all off before I put my socks on my feet.
I was off on the bike portion.  For this course, we had to bike two loops before finishing the bike miles.  On the first loop I caught up to my hubby Mike.  That wasn't a good sign because he started his swim before me and is faster on the bike.  He was sick and having a hard time breathing.  He decided to take a DNF (did not finish) after the first bike loop.  I was sad for him but kept on pedaling.  After my two loops, I biked back to transition.
I felt like I had a million accessories switching from the bike to run.  I had to remove my helmet and bike shoes and put on my Garmin, hat, sunglasses, race belt and running shoes.  With that done, I was ready for the final run part of the tri.  I finished faster than last year but not quite as fast as a normal 5K.

I beat all of my times from last year.  I won 3rd place for my age group this year!  Woot! Woot!  Last year, I won first place for my age group but had a slower time by 3 minutes.  My boys were confused by that.  I explained that there was steeper competition this year.  

The sTRIders cleaned up this year with members taking first place over all for male and female.

Overall time - 1:07:30
Swim - 3:50
Transition 1 - 2:48
Bike - 29:34
Transition 2 - 1:49
Run - 29:32


Lutz Independence Day 5K Recap 2013

This summer was my second time running the Lutz Independence Day 5K.  It's beyond hot by 8:00am in Florida during July.  But this is a great local race that my entire family ran this year.  After the Rap River run with Dylan, he knew I wasn't running with him on the 4th of July and Jared had a twisted ankle from summer camp.  Good thing they had some friends to run with because I wanted to actually run this race!

Lutz Independence Day 5K
Allana, Matt, Jared & Dylan

We had quite a few Suncoast Striders out for the race.

Lutz Independence Day 5K

Lutz Independence Day 5K

Lutz Independence Day 5K

It was a hot race and I passed people throwing up on the side of the road.  Not a nice visual...ever!  Residents usually have sprinklers on to cool us as we run by but they weren't out this year.  But we all made it through anyway!  My hubby decided to run with Dylan and even gave him a piggy back ride at one point.  Jared ran with his friends Allana and Matt as the three of them took it easy.

Lutz Independence Day 5K

Lutz Independence Day 5K

We had a great time in our red, white and blue!  Everyone finished and no one from our family puked!  Win Win

Chrissy's stats
Finish time: 27:57
Age place: 17/50
Overall place: 232/575
Ave pace: 9:03
Finish times
Michael 35:19
Dylan 35:18
Jared 45:21

This was my 11 race for 13 in 2013.