Thursday, January 15, 2009

Washington, DC

On our biennial trip to Buffalo, NY we decided to stop in Washington, DC to take in the sites. We stayed right in the heart of downtown within walking distance of all the activities. DC was an exciting city but bitter cold while we were there.

Jared's face and nose were cold. After much whining, he found a solution. He could see through the hat and walked around the streets of DC with it covering his face. That's my Jar!

Here we are in front of the Washington Monument. The boys obviously see something we don't.

The walk to the Lincoln Memorial. Little did we know, the individuals walking on the left of the reflection pond, chose their route poorly. Unfortunately we also chose the left and had to step over much duck doo. Blah!

One of Jared's friends from school and Cub Scouts was also in DC the same time we were so we met up with them for dinner and site seeing. What a small world.

The next day we hit the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History. Such and amazing place with so much to see AND free admission. One of my favorite sections was the Hall of Geology, Gems, and Minerals which included the 45.52 carat blue Hope Diamond. *gasp, ooh, ah* It was gorgeous and ginormous!

Dumb, Dumb - Give me gum gum !

The White House at Christmas time...a beautiful site. Although for us, it's our only in-person site. Notice the sharp shooter on the roof. Jared saw that too and excitedly shouted it to the crowd. Gotta love his energy and enthusiasm.

We had a great time in DC. Off to the snow storms in NY!