Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Busy Subbing Art & Chicago Marathon

My poor blog has been neglected!  I have a long-term job subbing Art at our local elementary school.  It's only three days a week but it keeps me busy and on my toes.  My other two days are filled with fun stuff like laundry, cleaning and grocery shopping.  I'm in this Art position until the job is filled.  The job posting is up week after week but no one's biting.  I don't have an Art degree but I'm a quick learner and very good at following directions.  The full-time Art teacher is helping me out with lesson plans and project ideas.  One art aspect I'm not good at is free hand drawing.  When I got this position, my youngest sister jokingly said "just don't draw any animals for the kids".  She remembers my lovely animals from our family Pictionary games.  All of my animals look the same except for their tails and ears....that's how you know if it's a pig, cat, or dog.

Pictionary is a game of speed, people!  Speed!  There's no time for artsy animals.  I won a lot of Pictionary games with those animals.

I'm getting into the groove of this Art job and having fun with the kids and projects.  Here are two project examples that I made for my students.  We are working on lines.  I impressed myself and my 5th grade son!

The CHICAGO MARATHON is in 5 days!!  My training is complete...even though I missed 3 weeks of running and my 20 miler because of influenza B.  I'm ready to take on the windy city and complete my 5th marathon!  My cousin Erin and her husband Alex are joining me in this crazy adventure.  It's their first marathon.  Look for a full post-race recap soon.