Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Happy 12th Birthday Jared!

Happy Birthday to my sweet, first born, Jared!  You were due August 8th but weren't ready to make your appearance until the 20th.  After a day of labor, you were born sunny side up via C-section at 6:12pm.

You were such a cute baby!  Here you are at 7 months with rosy cheeks just like me.

I love your compassion and love for all animals!

You're silly and goofy with a quick wit and funny comebacks.

You are generous and kind, always willing to help me out or loan your little brother money.

I love your big personality!

You are growing up to be such a wonderful young man and I'm so proud of you!

I love you sweetheart!  Happy Birthday!


Monday, August 12, 2013

Music Monday [Cars]

This week's Music Monday theme is songs about cars or song with cars in them.

My first car was a baby blue, 2 door, 1981 Toyota Celica that belonged to my dad. It was a 5 speed manual that I'm happy I learned to drive. It was gifted to me in 1991 and I keep it through high school and most of college.  They stopped production of the Celica in 2006.

I always like to include the first song that comes to mind once I read the theme.  This week with cars I thought of Ice, Ice Baby by Vanilla Ice.  He drives his 5.0 down A1A...BEACH FRONT AVENUE.

This next song has nothing to do with cars but it was in the movie 17 Again when Zac Efron's character drives to school in an Audi R8 after a "coolness" makeover. I loved the scene so much, I had to download the song!  Here's the scene with The Underdog by Spoon.

Lastly, a classic.  Fun, Fun, Fun by The Beach Boys.

What was your first car?

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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Summer of Rum Preview

Summer of Rum

I'm so excited for the Summer of Rum Fest on August 24!  Rum is my drink of choice!  This fabulous summer event is in downtown Tampa at The Heights Waterfront from 4 pm to 11 pm.

Summer of Rum will offer 5 unique rum zones with Cruzan Rum, Naked Turtle Rum and Appleton Estate Rum drinks along with live entertainment.

Check out How to Fest.  They offer two different ticket options.

General admission gives you access to Summer of Rum for $15 advance or $20 at the door.  Then your rum drinks are $5 each.  OR

Endless Rum Cup gives you access to Summer of Rum for $55 advance or $65 at the door.  Endless Rum Cup lets you drink unlimited rum drinks in a 16-oz commemorative Summer of Rum hurricane glass!

Summer of Rum will also offer Red Stipe beer and water at an additional cost.

Take a look at Summer of Rum's Facebook page and the August 24th Facebook event.

Now the really exciting part....I have two General Admission tickets to give away to one lucky reader!  squeal  The two General Admission tickets provide entrance to the Summer of Rum in Tampa on August 24th, 2013.

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Disclaimer: I was given two Endless Rum Cup tickets in exchange for my review.  All opinions are my own.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Rap River 2013 Recap

I ran the Rap River 5K with my little one Dylan.  Jared was supposed to run with us but had a stomach bug and stayed home in bed instead.

Dylan's run a couple if 5Ks with me and I promised him a medal at his next 5K race.  Rap River was the race to deliver.  We even talked about an age group award if he ran with me and did his best. I planned on running this race with Dylan but wanted him to keep up with my pace.  I knew he could run a 30 min 5K if he tried.

On race morning, I woke up Dylan...earlier than he's used to because races start early.  He got up on the wrong side of the bed.  The race was in June so it was very hot outside.  Dylan stayed grumpy, grouchy, and negative.

Photo by Aaron Stopford

Here we are close to the finish line where he started to run again.  I encouraged him throughout the race as did people passing us on the course.  They would yell "Keep it up!", "You can do it!", "Great job, you're almost there".  He would respond with negative comments that were driving me crazy!  He was in a funk and would not snap out of it.

We walked a lot of the course and finished in 37:05.  I was disappointed he didn't try his hardest.  I explained that this wasn't just his race, it was my race too.  He eventually snapped out of his bad mood and apologized for how he behaved.  Then he wanted to run another race with me!  Really!!

Do you run races with your kids?

This was my 9th race this year toward completing 13 in 2013.


Monday, August 5, 2013

Music Monday [World Tour Songs]

This week's Music Monday theme is a freebie so I chose my own sing along theme.

We have Guitar Hero World Tour for the Xbox.  My 9 year old, Dylan, and his friends love to rock out with this game.  Like me, Dylan loves the microphone!  I actually don't mind this video game because they play some great music and there's not constant chatter.

Here are their favorite songs.

Eye of the Tiger by Survivor...although I do get tired of hearing this one.

Gives You Hell by The All-American Rejects

Just Dance by Lady Gaga

My Own Worst Enemy by Lit

Fortunately, Dylan got Xbox points for his birthday so he can buy some new songs.  Wahoo!!  I like these songs until I've heard them 3+ times and then I suggest new songs for them to try.

Do you have a favorite song to sing along to?

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