Monday, August 12, 2013

Music Monday [Cars]

This week's Music Monday theme is songs about cars or song with cars in them.

My first car was a baby blue, 2 door, 1981 Toyota Celica that belonged to my dad. It was a 5 speed manual that I'm happy I learned to drive. It was gifted to me in 1991 and I keep it through high school and most of college.  They stopped production of the Celica in 2006.

I always like to include the first song that comes to mind once I read the theme.  This week with cars I thought of Ice, Ice Baby by Vanilla Ice.  He drives his 5.0 down A1A...BEACH FRONT AVENUE.

This next song has nothing to do with cars but it was in the movie 17 Again when Zac Efron's character drives to school in an Audi R8 after a "coolness" makeover. I loved the scene so much, I had to download the song!  Here's the scene with The Underdog by Spoon.

Lastly, a classic.  Fun, Fun, Fun by The Beach Boys.

What was your first car?

For Music Mondays, I’m teaming up with my good friend and fellow Marathon Mama, Denise. Please stop by and check out Denise's Music Monday.

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  1. Ah, remembering our first car is always fun. Wow, Vanilla Ice, gosh, it has been awhile. Beach Boys seem to have made the rounds today and that is nice car, Zac Efron drives in that scene :)

    Lucy from Lucy's Reality

  2. I love the movie 17 again! Grat scene! Zac Efron is hot and if that makes me a cougar, I'll own it. Ice, Ice Baby is our A1A Marathon theme song. :-D

  3. 17 again was a good movie. Your picks are awesome. Everyone is having such a great time with the car theme today.

  4. The first car I drove was the pontiac grand prix owned by the hubs. It's red, my fave color, so it works out great.

    Very nice list.
    Just got home and trying to catch up! Aloha :)

  5. When I married my husband in 1979, he owed a Ford Fiesta. Our first car we bought together was a 1985 Toyota Supra. That was such a cool car! Great car song selection for this week 4M theme!


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