Monday, August 5, 2013

Music Monday [World Tour Songs]

This week's Music Monday theme is a freebie so I chose my own sing along theme.

We have Guitar Hero World Tour for the Xbox.  My 9 year old, Dylan, and his friends love to rock out with this game.  Like me, Dylan loves the microphone!  I actually don't mind this video game because they play some great music and there's not constant chatter.

Here are their favorite songs.

Eye of the Tiger by Survivor...although I do get tired of hearing this one.

Gives You Hell by The All-American Rejects

Just Dance by Lady Gaga

My Own Worst Enemy by Lit

Fortunately, Dylan got Xbox points for his birthday so he can buy some new songs.  Wahoo!!  I like these songs until I've heard them 3+ times and then I suggest new songs for them to try.

Do you have a favorite song to sing along to?

For Music Mondays, I’m teaming up with my good friend and fellow Marathon Mama, Denise. Please stop by and check out Denise's Music Monday.

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  1. A couple of new ones to me for sure. I liked that last one. Thanks for playing along this week.

  2. I must confess - I never even clicked on Survivor. My husband has my sons mad on 80's music and they play this one FAR too much - even on their own guitars!

    But I enjoyed the other three - especially Gives You Hell. Real fun video to that!

  3. Fun! Eye of the Tiger and Journey!!! Always!

  4. Fun Mix! Survivor was the 1st concert I ever went to - brings back the memories :) Best wishes for a wonderful week

  5. Eye of the Tiger is a fabulous song to dance to!

    Good to see you on the virtual dance floor with the 4M crew on Monday's Music Moves Me. Keep that groove movin' ya!

    Latin spice on Monday's Music Moves Me

  6. You have some of my faves here!

    I might have to look into that game too! I love music!


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