Monday, July 29, 2013

Music Monday [Summertime]

This week's Music Monday theme is summertime songs.

Each year my friends and I go to the beach for a girls' weekend away.  We spend most of our time relaxing in the house's pool listening to music and chatting.  We inevitably hear one song many times over the weekend and it becomes that year's song.  Whenever I hear those songs they remind me of the great times we've had at the beach!

Here are the songs from past years.

This is from our first year at the beach in 2008.  The song was Kid Rock's All Summer Long.


Beach Weekend 2009 with Black Eyed Peas' I Got a Feeling.


Beach Weekend 2010 with Far East Movement's Like a G6.


Beach Weekend 2011 with Katy Perry's Last Friday Night.


Beach Weekend 2012 with LMFAO's Shots!


I can't wait for this year's Beach Weekend!!  I wonder what our 2013 song will be.

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  1. Whoo-hoo! It looks like you gals sure do know how to party - pool side. It's better to take a dip in a pool than the ocean anyhow, right? What fun, fun, songs to make you wanna get up & dance. You'll have to tell what summertime tune makes y'alls 2013 list!

    Thanks for dancing with the 4M crew!

    Sizzlin' 2013 Summertime Hits on Monday's Music Moves Me

  2. Great choices!! We have similar tastes in summer music!! ;)

  3. YOU ARE SO ROCKIN' THE HOUSE GIRL~~~ WOOOOO HOOOOO Luvin all your choices & totally rockin' out! Have a great week, and thanks for joinin' us once again.! HUGS

  4. I LOVE your beach tradition!
    And the theme song of the time.

    So much fun eh!

    Thanks for rocking and sharing!
    Have a fun week!

  5. Dang, I want a beach tradition!
    Love the songs you are rocking too as well.
    Nice memories for you.
    `Naila Moon


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