Monday, July 22, 2013

Happy 9th Birthday Dylan!

My sweet and sensitive baby boy, Dylan, turns 9 today.  You were born at 10:01am on a Thursday, via a planned C-section.

At 6 months old you were sitting up and starting to move.  You were such a cute baby!

You were a climber and an active little boy!

You loved to "color on your face" when I wasn't paying attention.  I didn't love it so much but you were so proud of your artwork.

I love your adventurous spirit and easy going personality!
You are gentle, kind and love animals.
You love me this much, my momma's boy!  Just last week you asked me to read you Guess How Much I Love You.  Sometimes you want me to read Love You Forever but you knows it always makes me cry.

Happy Birthday buddy!  I love you!


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  1. Awwwwww...Happy birthday, Dylan! xox I still remember that funny little growling voice you always used to speak in when I babysat you. That will always make me chuckle!


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