Monday, December 15, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Holiday Photos

It's the most wonderful time of the year! December is here and that means Christmas cards! It's a great time of year to take a family photo. Last year we had photos taken at the beach. This year we went to UT. It's a beautiful campus with old red brick buildings and lots of greenery on the grounds. Check out the great photos that our friend Kelly took.

Busy Busy

We've had a busy October and November! This will be a quick catch up post and then hopefully I'll start blogging more often.

The boys were Batman and Robin for Halloween. Their costumes were adorable. The adults loved that Dylan was Robin. It was Dylan's idea to be Robin and he desperately wanted Jared to match him as Batman. He talked Jared into the Batman costume...along with me buying him a Batman accessory from Target. I'm glad Jared gave Dylan what he wanted because Dylan gives in so much more.

The Dynamic Duo!

Mike and I hosted an adult Halloween party at our house this year. I thought it was fitting that we were referees. Luckily, no one was ejected from the game.

We did a group camping trip to Hillsborough River State Park. Camping is the best mini vacation! Our boys love being outside and having the freedom to wander a little. The weather was perfect...not too cold and not hot.

Life Is Good....but why am I the only one smiling?! BOYS!!!

Friends around the campfire.

Here's a creeptastic photo of a huge banana spider. I took this picture so just imagine how close I was. I shutter just thinking of it again.

Grandma's Birthday
My Grandma turned 80 last month! We had a big party for her to celebrate her wonderful life.

Me, husband and kids

My family (grandma, mom, dad, sisters and their families)