Friday, July 29, 2016

RunningSkirts Ambassador and New York City Marathon

I'm very excited to announce that I was selected as a RunningSkirts Ambassador! I train exclusively in the RunningSkirts Athletic skirt and also wear them regularly in races. The athletic skirt has attached compression shorts that don't ride up and 2 pockets for storing keys or gels. I have a bit of an obsession with the adorable skirt patterns! I'm thrilled to officially represent them as an ambassador.

My other exciting news is that I won the lottery for the New York City Marathon!  Woot! Woot! The New York City Marathon is the largest marathon in the WORLD. This was my 4th year applying through the lottery system. Lottery applicants have about a 15% chance to gain entrance to the NYC Marathon. I'm finally in this year! The NYC Marathon is on November 6, 2016 and will be my 6th marathon.  I can't wait to run through the 5 boroughs of New York City with 50,000 other runners!

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Gasparilla 15K 2016 Recap

Gasparilla is a huge event for the Tampa Bay area including a pirate invasion and multiple parades. All of the different distance races are packed with runners and walkers. The expo is a must shop with great deals to be found!

Gasparilla was my first race ever back in 2009 and I've completed a Gasparilla race every year since then.  But a lot has changed since that first 5K where I wore a cotton tank and short. Yes, cotton!!

This year I was back for the 15K on Saturday, February 20, 2016. I met up with my running group for pre-race photos. By the way, for all the new runners out there, a running group or people to run with makes all the difference on your running journey!

Gasparilla 15K

Gasparilla 15K

It was around 60 degrees and humid at our 6:45 am start. I was still dealing with heel pain so I wasn't too concerned with time (I always say that but I am competitive with myself). This year I was definitely stopping for a donut that they hand out around the 5 mile mark.

My race was uneventful so I kept running as the sun rose and so did the temperature. Spectators handed out beads that I didn't accept because I knew they would drive me crazy as I ran.  I did not stop for a donut around the 5 mile mark because I did want to finish with a decent time and not throw up said donut on the course. I loved hearing the cheers of my running group paparazzi.

Gasparilla 15K

When I finished, my heel hurt and my calves were on fire!  But I finished and under 1:30 (my "I don't care about my time" goal).  This year's time was only about a minute and half slower than last year's PR, so not too shabby.

I chose the 15K the last couple of years because my sister and parents usually ran the 5K that same day and I like to see and cheer them on.

Gasparilla 15K
My mom, my sister, me, my cousin

Gasparilla 15K

Gasparilla 15K

Another race finished and medal earned!

Age Div: 101/537
Gender Div: 688/3225
Overall Div: 1760/5521
Avg pace: 9:19
Halfway Split: 42:56
Gun time: 1:27:33
Chip time: 1:26:56
Gasparilla 15K

Best Damn Race 10K 2016

This race is in early February each year, falling on February 6, 2016 this year.  Fortunately for us Floridians, the weather was cool and gorgeous, making it perfect for running! You never really know what the weather will bring in a Florida February.

I ran the 10K distance this year along the hilly course. They said the course was flat but compared to Pasco County flat, the Safety Harbor hills are like mountains. I found that out the hard way two years ago when I ran the half marathon. So at a pre-race dinner with friends, I told one of my friends, Christine, that it wasn't flat but there was really just one BIG hill.

It was a chilly 48 degrees at our 6:45 am start. I wore the throw away jacket that I bought from Goodwill, that I didn't use at Savannah or Space Coast. Of course I still had my RunningSkirt on. The Best Damn Race Safety Harbor course took us along the waters of Safety Harbor and Old Tampa Bay giving breathtaking views and an amazing sunrise.

The first hill came just after the one mile mark. It was a steady incline up and I thought about what I told my friend Christine, because this was not the one BIG hill I mentioned. At least we got to run back down and pick up some momentum. Then we ran over another hill and another. I thought to myself "Good grief, I forgot how many hills were on this course! Poor Christine probably thinks each one is the big one I told her about."

Best Damn Race

I'm not sure if I was running, flying or coming in for a hug in that picture!  I kept on running, doing my best. Shortly before the 4 mile mark, I finally climbed the BIG hill I remembered.  My heel was holding up with minimal pain so I tried to finish strong even though I knew I wouldn't beat last year's PR.

Best Damn Race

Best Damn Race

Best Damn Race

Best Damn Race

Best Damn Race

I finished and was happy with my time! I was only 1 minute 13 seconds slower than last year when I was training much more. This year I had heel issues, no speed training and extra pounds.
I love that Best Damn Race gave it's racers FREE race photos!!

Best Damn Race
Christine and I
One of the best parts of the Best Damn Race was the free drinks after the race! They had beer, hard root beer, bloody mary's, and screwdrivers. They also had donuts, Jimmy John's sandwiches and chicken, black beans and rice. Yum!

Best Damn Race

Best Damn Race

Age Div: 26/157
Gender Place: 144/888
Overall Place: 316/1259
5K Split: 28:04.9

Avg Pace: 9:05
Gun time: 56:38.5
Chip time: 56:27.5

Best Damn Race

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Space Coast Half Marathon 2015 Recap

Oh, Space Coast....  I like this race but wish it wasn't the weekend after Thanksgiving.  The 2015 Half Marathon was my 3rd year in a row at Space Coast and probably my last.  I had to do this 3rd year for an extra medal as part of their Big Bang Race Series. Who could pass up an additional space shuttle medal?! Not this girl?

This race is on Sunday so I headed over to Florida's east coast on Saturday with a running friend.  We visited the small and always extremely crowded race expo to pick up our bibs and race packets. I did love posing with the astronauts and funny race posters.

We were up early to get ready for our 6:00 AM race start with temperatures in the low 60s. What else can you do at 5:30 AM but take more astronaut pictures!

I still had the goal of running a half marathon under 2 hours but knew Space Coast would not be the race this year (although Space Coast 2014 is my half PR of 2:02:02). I was dealing with heel pain and did not train in 2015 like I had in 2014 for varies reasons including my thyroid issues at the beginning of the year. I still rocked my outfit in a RunningSkirt and fiery red tank. Blast off in 3, 2, 1....

I made the best of this race, stopping for water when I needed hydration. The weather warmed up quickly once the sun was up and shining with temps in the upper 70s. I actually like the out and back course for the half marathon. I ran along the Indian River with beautiful water views and nice house. This year, I rocked the last .20 miles of the paver, circular course...not stopping at the first timing mat. I was hot and sweaty though and ready to be done!

Thanks to my friend Tracy for the awesome finishing picture!!

I completed the Milky Way Challenge as part of the Big Bang Series by finishing the Space Coast Half Marathon 3 years in a row.  I could go back for 2 more years to receive yet another additional medal, but I'm good.

Age division: 55/427
Gender: 282/2318
Overall: 595/3313
5k split: 28:56
10k split: 59:22
15k split: 1:31:39
Avg pace: 10:06
Chip time: 2:12:12

Savannah Rock N Roll 2015 Recap

2015 was my second year racing the Savannah Rock N Roll Half Marathon in Savannah, GA. I had such a fun girls' weekend the year before that when 2 of my friends signed up during a super sale (I think on Black Friday 2014), I decided to join them and run it again.  My 2 friends weren't really runners so I was excited to embark on the journey with them in the amazing city of Savannah.

Almost a year later, those 2 friends had to back out of the race for varies reasons so I was joined by my cousin, Kelly, and another running friend, Leah. We had fun and found great deals at the expo!

We checked into our hotel, walked around historic downtown Savannah, ate pizza for dinner and had Leopold's ice cream for dessert.  How's that for a pre-race meal!!

The race started at 7:00 AM with temperatures in the mid 70s and probably 100% humidity making it feel much warmer.  Our hotel was literally right in front of the start corrals making getting to the start and bathroom issues non-existent.  Of course we met our running group for pictures! If you don't have pictures, it didn't happen!

It was pure coincidence that so many of us were wearing the same color blue, but it made for a cute picture! I wore my distance RunningSkirt that matched the blue and pink perfectly.

As I waited in the start corral, the air was thick with mist and moisture.  As a Florida runner, I was used to hot and humid weather conditions but it was unseasonably warm for Georgia and all of the runners that traveled from the north. I was not concerned about my time for this race. It was hot, I had not been training hard and I had ongoing heel pain in my left foot.  But I was running happy!

It definitely got hotter as the race went on and runners were dropping. By the time I got to the halfway point, I'd heard the ambulance sirens and saw 2 runners down, getting assistance.  I run in the heat and humidity all summer long (who am I kidding...all summer, spring, fall and part of winter), so I knew I needed more water and a slower pace.  I actually felt really good and had a great race probably because I slowed down and didn't stress about my time.

Me and Kelly
Unfortunately, not everyone slowed down or knew how to handle the hot and humid weather. So many runners needed medical assistance, that the marathon was cancelled and all marathon runners were turned around, cutting the course short by 8 miles.  For two of my running friends, it was to be their first marathon, including Leah.  They were very disappointed, after months of train, that they could not finish the Savannah Marathon.

Kelly, Leah, me
Age division: 194/1392
Gender: 1216/8431
Overall: 2420/12146
5k split: 29:48
10k split: 1:00:00
10 mile: 1:38:36
Avg Pace: 9:58
Chip time: 2:10:28

Halloween Hustle 5K Recap

Our local high school organized a Halloween Hustle 5K Fun Run that benefited the drama club and a student who suffered a traumatic brain injury though a serious accident.

Jared and I decided to run this Halloween 5K in costume.  It was a hot Florida day so nothing too warm or constrictive for running.  I already had a Supergirl running costume so I talked Jared into a dri-fit superhero shirt. We were both happy!

My parents decided to run and help support the high school with me and Jared. I convinced them to wear some sort of costume too!  We were the superhero family!!

Jared smoked me with a time of 21:20.  I came in at 27:45.  There were no bibs or official timing for this race but they did have students at the finish line with a stop watch calling out each runner's finishing time.  My parents stayed together and ran an easy pace.  Towards the finish line, some young kids used this "Super Couple" as motivation to finish strong, saying "Don't let the Super Couple beat us!" My parents thought that was quite amusing.

We had a great day running as a family and the fundraiser was a success!

Bride of Frankenfooter 5K & Frankenfooter Half Marathon 2015

I've participated in the Frankenfooter 5k and half marathon for a couple of years now. The 5k was in the evening on Saturday, October 24 with the half marathon the next morning, October 25.  I was glad it didn't fall on Halloween weekend this year! For 2015, the Frankenfooter races benefited BAYS Florida with my cousin and fellow runner, Kelly, as race director.

It was a warm race weekend with temperatures in the mid 80s on Saturday evening for the 5K. I usually dress in costume for these races since it's so close to Halloween but just wasn't feeling it this year. I procrastinated and hadn't pulled anything together for a running costume. Instead I sported a cute RunningSkirt.


My 5k race time wasn't fantastic but it did get me 3rd place in my age group. Unfortunately, the race directors decide to award the top 3 male and top 3 female runners for a huge age group of 26-49. I was 7/80 in the female age group of 26-49 year olds.

On to the next race in my challenge weekend!  Half Marathon!

The half marathon the next morning had slightly cooler temperatures in the low 70s at the start of the race but the sun rose quickly and so did the heat.  Again, no costume, just cute RunningSkirts


I felt good for the first part of the race and kept a nice pace.  Around mile 8, my calves started to cramp which was a new and annoying aliment for me as a runner. I did some quick calf stretches and continued on with my race to no avail. Around mile 9.5 was the next water stop where they had bottles of water instead of the usual small race cups.  I grabbed water, walked and drank the entire bottle.  Soon after, my calf cramps were gone! Hallelujah!


I finished the 13.1 miles as best I could.  No PR but a decent time considering the heat and calf cramps. I earned 3 awesome finisher medals for my races, one for each distance and a Living Dead Challenge medal for completing both races.

Bride of Frankenfooter 5K
Age Div: 3/20
Overall: 28/168
Pace: 8:55
Chip time: 27:37

Frankenfooter Half Marathon
Age Div: 9/21
Gender Div: 34/89
Overall: 48/127
Pace: 9:40
Chip time: 2:06:40

Living Dead Challenge (5K + Half)
Gender Div: 3/27
Overall: 12/42