Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Halloween Hustle 5K Recap

Our local high school organized a Halloween Hustle 5K Fun Run that benefited the drama club and a student who suffered a traumatic brain injury though a serious accident.

Jared and I decided to run this Halloween 5K in costume.  It was a hot Florida day so nothing too warm or constrictive for running.  I already had a Supergirl running costume so I talked Jared into a dri-fit superhero shirt. We were both happy!

My parents decided to run and help support the high school with me and Jared. I convinced them to wear some sort of costume too!  We were the superhero family!!

Jared smoked me with a time of 21:20.  I came in at 27:45.  There were no bibs or official timing for this race but they did have students at the finish line with a stop watch calling out each runner's finishing time.  My parents stayed together and ran an easy pace.  Towards the finish line, some young kids used this "Super Couple" as motivation to finish strong, saying "Don't let the Super Couple beat us!" My parents thought that was quite amusing.

We had a great day running as a family and the fundraiser was a success!

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