Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Space Coast Half Marathon 2015 Recap

Oh, Space Coast....  I like this race but wish it wasn't the weekend after Thanksgiving.  The 2015 Half Marathon was my 3rd year in a row at Space Coast and probably my last.  I had to do this 3rd year for an extra medal as part of their Big Bang Race Series. Who could pass up an additional space shuttle medal?! Not this girl?

This race is on Sunday so I headed over to Florida's east coast on Saturday with a running friend.  We visited the small and always extremely crowded race expo to pick up our bibs and race packets. I did love posing with the astronauts and funny race posters.

We were up early to get ready for our 6:00 AM race start with temperatures in the low 60s. What else can you do at 5:30 AM but take more astronaut pictures!

I still had the goal of running a half marathon under 2 hours but knew Space Coast would not be the race this year (although Space Coast 2014 is my half PR of 2:02:02). I was dealing with heel pain and did not train in 2015 like I had in 2014 for varies reasons including my thyroid issues at the beginning of the year. I still rocked my outfit in a RunningSkirt and fiery red tank. Blast off in 3, 2, 1....

I made the best of this race, stopping for water when I needed hydration. The weather warmed up quickly once the sun was up and shining with temps in the upper 70s. I actually like the out and back course for the half marathon. I ran along the Indian River with beautiful water views and nice house. This year, I rocked the last .20 miles of the paver, circular course...not stopping at the first timing mat. I was hot and sweaty though and ready to be done!

Thanks to my friend Tracy for the awesome finishing picture!!

I completed the Milky Way Challenge as part of the Big Bang Series by finishing the Space Coast Half Marathon 3 years in a row.  I could go back for 2 more years to receive yet another additional medal, but I'm good.

Age division: 55/427
Gender: 282/2318
Overall: 595/3313
5k split: 28:56
10k split: 59:22
15k split: 1:31:39
Avg pace: 10:06
Chip time: 2:12:12

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