Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Gasparilla 15K 2016 Recap

Gasparilla is a huge event for the Tampa Bay area including a pirate invasion and multiple parades. All of the different distance races are packed with runners and walkers. The expo is a must shop with great deals to be found!

Gasparilla was my first race ever back in 2009 and I've completed a Gasparilla race every year since then.  But a lot has changed since that first 5K where I wore a cotton tank and short. Yes, cotton!!

This year I was back for the 15K on Saturday, February 20, 2016. I met up with my running group for pre-race photos. By the way, for all the new runners out there, a running group or people to run with makes all the difference on your running journey!

Gasparilla 15K

Gasparilla 15K

It was around 60 degrees and humid at our 6:45 am start. I was still dealing with heel pain so I wasn't too concerned with time (I always say that but I am competitive with myself). This year I was definitely stopping for a donut that they hand out around the 5 mile mark.

My race was uneventful so I kept running as the sun rose and so did the temperature. Spectators handed out beads that I didn't accept because I knew they would drive me crazy as I ran.  I did not stop for a donut around the 5 mile mark because I did want to finish with a decent time and not throw up said donut on the course. I loved hearing the cheers of my running group paparazzi.

Gasparilla 15K

When I finished, my heel hurt and my calves were on fire!  But I finished and under 1:30 (my "I don't care about my time" goal).  This year's time was only about a minute and half slower than last year's PR, so not too shabby.

I chose the 15K the last couple of years because my sister and parents usually ran the 5K that same day and I like to see and cheer them on.

Gasparilla 15K
My mom, my sister, me, my cousin

Gasparilla 15K

Gasparilla 15K

Another race finished and medal earned!

Age Div: 101/537
Gender Div: 688/3225
Overall Div: 1760/5521
Avg pace: 9:19
Halfway Split: 42:56
Gun time: 1:27:33
Chip time: 1:26:56
Gasparilla 15K

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