Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Savannah Rock N Roll 2015 Recap

2015 was my second year racing the Savannah Rock N Roll Half Marathon in Savannah, GA. I had such a fun girls' weekend the year before that when 2 of my friends signed up during a super sale (I think on Black Friday 2014), I decided to join them and run it again.  My 2 friends weren't really runners so I was excited to embark on the journey with them in the amazing city of Savannah.

Almost a year later, those 2 friends had to back out of the race for varies reasons so I was joined by my cousin, Kelly, and another running friend, Leah. We had fun and found great deals at the expo!

We checked into our hotel, walked around historic downtown Savannah, ate pizza for dinner and had Leopold's ice cream for dessert.  How's that for a pre-race meal!!

The race started at 7:00 AM with temperatures in the mid 70s and probably 100% humidity making it feel much warmer.  Our hotel was literally right in front of the start corrals making getting to the start and bathroom issues non-existent.  Of course we met our running group for pictures! If you don't have pictures, it didn't happen!

It was pure coincidence that so many of us were wearing the same color blue, but it made for a cute picture! I wore my distance RunningSkirt that matched the blue and pink perfectly.

As I waited in the start corral, the air was thick with mist and moisture.  As a Florida runner, I was used to hot and humid weather conditions but it was unseasonably warm for Georgia and all of the runners that traveled from the north. I was not concerned about my time for this race. It was hot, I had not been training hard and I had ongoing heel pain in my left foot.  But I was running happy!

It definitely got hotter as the race went on and runners were dropping. By the time I got to the halfway point, I'd heard the ambulance sirens and saw 2 runners down, getting assistance.  I run in the heat and humidity all summer long (who am I kidding...all summer, spring, fall and part of winter), so I knew I needed more water and a slower pace.  I actually felt really good and had a great race probably because I slowed down and didn't stress about my time.

Me and Kelly
Unfortunately, not everyone slowed down or knew how to handle the hot and humid weather. So many runners needed medical assistance, that the marathon was cancelled and all marathon runners were turned around, cutting the course short by 8 miles.  For two of my running friends, it was to be their first marathon, including Leah.  They were very disappointed, after months of train, that they could not finish the Savannah Marathon.

Kelly, Leah, me
Age division: 194/1392
Gender: 1216/8431
Overall: 2420/12146
5k split: 29:48
10k split: 1:00:00
10 mile: 1:38:36
Avg Pace: 9:58
Chip time: 2:10:28

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