Thursday, July 18, 2013

Revolt Fitness Week of July 8

For the week of July 8th, I was on vacation in Jamaica.  I had every intention of doing my Revolt Fitness workouts, really I did.  I brought workout clothes, shoes and my tablet to watch the videos.  This was a kid free vacation so I knew all my time was my own.

What's the saying about best laid plans....  The resort did have a gym but only the lobby had Wi-Fi.  Our room didn't even have Wi-Fi.  I could have printed out the workout sheets but that didn't happen.  Oh well!  It was a much needed break!  I did use my tennis climb Dunn's River Falls (instead of renting water shoes).

Like I said, this was an all inclusive resort, including alcohol (YEAH!).  On about the third day, I thought about how many calories might be in the pina coladas I was drinking.  I'll just add that to the desserts I had at every meal.  Seriously good food!!

Here are my numbers from a week of poor eating and a lot of laying around on the beach.

I'm hoping that's just extra water weight and it disappears this week.  I'm back to the workouts and clean eating (almost).

Do you eat well while on vacation?

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  1. You're still down 7.5 inches and that's AWESOME! Great job! It's so hard to work-out on vacation. Sometimes it's nice to take a break from everything, including exercise.

    1. Thanks! I definitely noticed the loss of inches in my bathing suit pictures. LOL

  2. Inches speak more than pounds!! I was noticing how trim you looked when we were cycling on Wednesday! It's noticeable!


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