Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Happy 12th Birthday Jared!

Happy Birthday to my sweet, first born, Jared!  You were due August 8th but weren't ready to make your appearance until the 20th.  After a day of labor, you were born sunny side up via C-section at 6:12pm.

You were such a cute baby!  Here you are at 7 months with rosy cheeks just like me.

I love your compassion and love for all animals!

You're silly and goofy with a quick wit and funny comebacks.

You are generous and kind, always willing to help me out or loan your little brother money.

I love your big personality!

You are growing up to be such a wonderful young man and I'm so proud of you!

I love you sweetheart!  Happy Birthday!



  1. Such a wonderful tribute: from a beautiful baby to a handsome young man... with a terrific smile throughout!!! =)


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