Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Track Tuesday, Weekly Workouts & Races this Weekend

Last week's workouts:
  • Monday - Week 3 Day 1 of March's Push Up Challenge, 72 alternative push ups
  • Tuesday - 55 min class at Pure Barre, afternoon sprints
  • Wednesday - W3 D2 of push up challenge, 80 alternative push ups
  • Thursday - 6 mile run, 4.6 torturous, windy miles on the bike with my 11 year old
  • Friday - W3 D3 of push up challenge, 88 alternative push ups
  • Saturday - walked on the beach ~ 3 miles
  • Sunday - walked to lunch and on the beach ~ 1 mile

I was very happy with my 6 mile run on Thursday.  It was cold that morning which definitely helped me run faster.  Check out my splits. 

6 miles at a 9:25 avg pace!

This weekend I'm running the Spring Sprint 5K with one of my boys.  Last year's Spring Sprint was the first time I ran a sub 30 5K.  I'll see how this year goes since I'll have a little one in tow.

Then on Sunday, I'm running the First Watch Sarasota Half Marathon, with my green on of course.  I signed up for this race purely for the huge medal.  Yes, it's all about the bling baby!  But now I'll have running friends from the Suncoast Striders (my running group) there too.  Check out this medal!


Here are my Track Tuesday intervals...
I did 4 x 400s with 2 minutes of walking in between each lap. Here's my breakdown.

Warm up
Distance: 1.00 mile
Time/Pace: 10:32

Lap 1
Distance: 0.25 mile
Time: 1:52
Pace: 7:28

Lap 2
Distance: 0.25 mile
Time: 1:53
Pace: 7:31

Lap 3
Distance: 0.25 mile
Time: 1:54
Pace: 7:37

Lap 4
Distance: 0.25 mile
Time: 1:54
Pace: 7:37

Cool down
Distance: 1.00 mile
Time/Pace: 9:57

Total miles: 3.32

How were your workouts last week?


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  1. I think I am going to be doing this. I am waiting on an email, but if i am, I probably won't see you. You are killing it... I am not prepared! But I want to anyways!


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