Friday, March 8, 2013

Parkesdale Farm Market [Strawberry Heaven]

A couple of weeks ago, my boys and I made a trip to Parkesdale Farm Market.  The Tampa Bay bloggers were invited by Xiomara to taste their strawberry milkshake, winner of Food Network's Best Drinkable Dessert, and their World Famous strawberry shortcake.

My boys and I love strawberries!  Strawberries are the one fruit that our whole family goes gaga over.  The Parkesdale Farm Market milkshake was one of the best strawberry shakes I've ever tried.  And that's my flavor of choice, so I've tried a lot of strawberry shakes in my 30+ years.

The strawberry shortcake was also a scrumptious dessert!  The cake was covered with fresh strawberries and then topped with whipped cream.  Here's Dylan devouring some.

My boys were also excited to be there with their friends, Denise's kids.

Parkesdale Farm Market is where strawberries are king but they don't mind if you also play king and queen in their strawberry throne. 

Now a market wouldn't be a market without fruits and vegetables!

Parkesdale Farm graciously gave the bloggers a $20 gift certificate to spend at the market.  I let my boys pick out some fruits and vegetables they wanted to try.  Dylan has a new fascination with onions so he loved the variety they sold.  He decided on the strawberry onion because of how big they were.

It turns out, strawberry onions are delicious, sweet and don't make you cry.  Dylan is enjoying them on his ham sandwiches and salads.

Jared was more interested in the plants sold at Parkesdale Farm Market.  Here he is touching the cactus thorns with the full attention of his onlookers.

Look at all this fantastic food (and one plant) we went home with!

If you're in the Tampa Bay or Orlando area, check out Parkesdale Farm Market in Plant City off of I-4.  They are about 30 minutes from Tampa and about 1 hour from downtown Orlando.  It's definitely worth the trip!


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  1. What a fun time that looked like! Thankfully I went to the strawberry festival yesterday and had strawberry shortcake or that picture may have had me running from my computer for some. I do love my strawberries.


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