Thursday, March 14, 2013

Video Game Adventure at Disney Quest

For my nephew's birthday, we went to Disney Quest in Orlando. 

For those of you who haven't been to or heard of Disney Quest, it is a video gamers' dream come true.  Disney Quest is 5 floors of games including virtual reality, 3D encounters and classic video games.  Inside Disney Quest, it's dark and cave-like and I didn't know the time of day. It reminded me of the Lotus Hotel and Casino in The Lightning Thief but was perfect for all day gaming.

My sister and I both have 2 boys.  The four of them are each about 1.5 years apart.  They would eat, sleep, and breath video games if we let them.  They "verse" each other on the Xbox quite often.  So needless to say, they were in heaven at Disney Quest.

We got there when it opened to beat the crowds.  Our first stop was Buzz Lightyear's Astroblasters.

These were bumper cars that scooped up balls and shot them at other cars.  It was a two person job so I rode with Dylan, my 8 year old.  He wanted to drive so I let him.  This left me on the cannon.  The cars started and oh my gosh.  Have you ever been in a bumper car with a non-driver?  It was painful.  We had to drive over the balls to scoop them up before I could load them in the cannon to shoot other cars.  Let me just say, I wasn't doing much shooting.  But we were getting hit which caused our car to spin in a circle.  This was the start of my motion sickness.  Dylan had a blast driving so that's all that really mattered.

 Here's my little driver!  The flash was so bright!

We tried to go on all the bigger rides first so next up was Pirates of the Caribbean: Battle for Buccaneer Gold.

We wore 3D glasses, stood on a rocking ship deck and shot cannons at other ships to steal their gold.  This was a fun one and didn't take much skill.

Next was the Virtual Jungle Cruise which hasn't change much since I was at Disney Quest back in the mid 90s.

On this one I had to close my eyes because I was feeling especially motion sick.  I should have worn my Sea-bands!  They work wonders for my motion sickness.

We continued on and played virtual reality, old school games, and interactive games. 

My boys' favorite ride was the create your own roller coaster at CyperSpace Mountain.  I helped design the coasters but only test rode one for fear I actually would loose the contents of my stomach.

After hours of playing video games, we pulled the kids away for a real dinner.  They have food in Disney Quest but it is theme park type food and we had already eaten lunch there.  Of course they all wanted to go back after dinner!!  My youngest is already planning his and his brother's birthdays there this summer.

Have you been to Disney Quest?  Do your kids love video games?


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  1. Wow! Have I not heard about this place! I feel like I have missed out on a lot of Orlando's attractions. I don't get down there that often. Maybe it is because I don't have children but after reading about that place, it makes me wish I had somebody to take there. I think I am a little too old to go there myself.


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