Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Track Tuesday & Weekly Workouts [3/05/13]

My workouts for last week...

Look at that lonely pink bar.  I really slacked last week.  I only ran once, on Saturday.  In my defense (yes, here come the excuses), it was cold and rainy on Tuesday so no intervals; I watched my friend's kids Wednesday night so no biking; and because I was up until 1:00am Thursday still babysitting, I didn't get up to run on Thursday morning.

I did start the March Push Up Challenge by doing my initial push up test (check out my vlog).

I had a great 6 mile run on Saturday with my time being 58:07 and an average pace of 9:41.  I'm not fast, so for me, that's a good pace.
Here are my splits.

Now for Track Tuesday.  I forgot to turn my alarm on last night so I didn't meet my friends this morning for intervals.  Once I got my boys off to school this morning, I tried out a Pure Barre class.  So I just got home and did my intervals at 1:00pm.  And let me tell you, it was rough.  It's hot out, very windy and my legs were sore from class this morning, but I did them!

I did 4 x 400s with 2 minutes of rest/walking in between each lap. Here's my breakdown.

Warm up
Distance: 1.00 mile
Time/Pace: 9:48

Lap 1
Distance: 0.25 mile
Time: 1:57
Pace: 7:48

Lap 2
Distance: 0.25 mile
Time: 1:58
Pace: 7:51

Lap 3
Distance: 0.25 mile
Time: 2:02
Pace: 8:09

Lap 4
Distance: 0.25 mile
Time: 2:08
Pace: 8:33

Cool down
Distance: 1.00 mile
Time/Pace: 10:33

Total miles: 3.48

I really lost steam at the end.  I think heat is my running kryptonite.

Do you have a running or workout kryptonite?



  1. Wind is 100% my running kryptonite. For some reason it always gets under my skin when I'm running against the win and it really annoys me. Way to push though those intervals even after a barre workout (which I've heard are killer).

  2. This morning it was so COLD! Cold is my kryptonite. LOL Missed you this morning! I needed help fighting off those saboteur!

    I love the screenshot of the Garmin data. That's a great idea. What's your pink bar screenshot from? I took screenshots for the pushup app and totally forgot to blog about it. Plus, I still need to blog about the fit bit thingy. Next time!

    1. Thanks! The pink bar shot is from daily mile.


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