Monday, March 18, 2013

Music Monday [Remakes]

I spent some time in the car this weekend for a race that was about an hour and 40 minutes from where I live.  I always have the radio on so that's lots of music time.  I noticed Pitbull infuses tunes from old songs to spice up his own hip hop songs.  Music provides memories.  I hear a tune and it takes me back to another time in my life.  So when an artist remakes a song or includes a familiar tune, I usually enjoy the different sound.  This week for Music Monday's freebie, I decided to pick some of my favorite remakes or remixes.  Who can forget Vanilla Ice's Ice Ice Baby set to the sound of Queen's Under Pressure...but I won't subject you to that today.  Here are some others you might not know.

My first choice is Alien Ant Farm's remake of Michael Jackson's Smooth Criminal.  I actually like the Alien Ant Farm version better.  It has a beat that makes me want to move!

Here's Pearl Jam's Last Kiss.  I knew the version recorded by J Frank Wilson and the Cavaliers.

Seether's Careless Whisper, originally performed by Wham.

Then we have Pitbull who infuses old sounds into his hip hop music. Here is Back In Time with remade pieces from Dirty Dancing's Love is Strange.

Pitbull also has Feel This Moment which sounds similar to a-ha's Take On Me.

What music moves you? Do you have a favorite remake or remix?

For Music Mondays, I’m teaming up with my good friend and fellow Marathon Mama, Denise. Please stop by and check out Denise's Music Monday.

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  1. Something about Pitbull, I just really like him, his music gets me moving and you are right that version of 'Smooth Criminal' definitely makes you want to move. Great picks. Popped in from Monday's Music Moves Me!! Have a great week :) (Lucy's Reality)

  2. Oh, me too! Pitbull totally grows on you, and with these songs is only frosting on the cake with his "back in time"! Dance tunes are totally cool! The others are just as cool, and that Last Kiss is an oldie oldie for sure! Great finds girlfriend. Love your choices!!!

  3. Good selection and agree about Pitbull ;-)

    Have a pitbulltastic week :-)

  4. I agree..good selection. I like all these.

  5. I'm totally with you on this one. I'm a HUGE Beatles fan and there's this movie based on a bunch of their songs called "Across The Universe" and I swear some of the songs they did are better than the Beatles themselves!

  6. I love originals. The only remade songs that I like are from Weird Al.

  7. I like the Alien Ant Farm version of Smooth Criminal better too. I think its kind of lame that Pitbull takes other songs and beats and just remakes them. Even though they are catchy and fun to move to, can't people come up with their own music these days? I like Miley Cyrus's redo of Joleen- you should look it up!

  8. Ah Careless Whisper! I used to play that on the piano, like 24 years ago. It's good to listen to it again.

  9. Very nice selections.
    That Pitbull does came up pop and wow eh.

    Thanks for rocking out :)

    Have a fun week!

  10. Ooh, covers are some of my favorite songs ever! I just love how a new band can put a spin and/or their own sound on another song and make it as incredible as the original! If you get a chance, you might like some of my favorite covers:

    Thirty Seconds to Mars - Bad Romance
    Social Distortion - I Fought the Law (OR Ring of Fire, both are great!)
    Hank III - Cocaine Blues
    Type O Negative - Cinnamon Girl
    Leaetherstrip - Lullaby

    And I could probably come up with hundreds more! I really like the covers you selected, but am partial to Pearl Jam's cover of Last Kiss :)

  11. This week, I'm doing a double dance with all of my 4M buds due to last week's siesta with DH. More about that in an upcoming post! Pssst...I was in your neck of the woods (Naples) last week. :)

    Your first three groups I have not heard of before, but I'm liking that song by Seether "Careless Whipser" pretty well. I like the exposure of new tunes. Like everyone on the planet, I've heard of Pitbull, but honestly I'm not a fan. Then again, I'm not really a hip-hop kinda of chick. lol But, it's good to see what he has out there all the same. :D

    It was great, great fun to dance with you and thanks for being such a loyal Monday's Music Moves Me party-goer!


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