Thursday, February 28, 2013

Down and Dirty at Warrior Dash [Recap]

I was the official photographer for my crazy friends that raced at Warrior Dash in Lake Whales.  I don't do mud runs as of now.  I love the outdoors, tent camp, challenges, obstacles, etc but I don't want to crawl through mud.  My friend Denise is really trying to talk me into doing Pretty Muddy with her this fall.  She's guaranteed me that I can skip obstacles...specifically the muddy ones.  I'm thinking about it.  Anyway...back to Warrior Dash.

My husband, his friends and some of my friends got down and dirty at Warrior Dash.

The girls named themselves Bad Kitties or some other cat name not appropriate for this blog.

Faith, Larisa, Michelle, Maribel, and Tanya

Trevis, Mike, Jim, Greg, Chris and Kenji

My boys and I hung out waiting for our crew to finish their race.  We could only see the last three obsticale; viscious valley (climbing), warrior roast (fire), and muddy mayham (mud & barbwire).

And here they come through the trenches of muddy mayham.  This is what I don't want to do!! 

That's barbwire above Greg in the mud pit.  I'm a little claustrophobic so the thought of being trapped between mud and barbwire freaks me out!

See the warrior roast fire in the background that they had to jump over.  It doesn't look so bad.

Chris and Trevis making their way out of the swamp.  Reminds me of creature from the black lagoon.

Mike emerges!

The Bad Kitties are still together and almost to the finish line!

And now some lovely after pictures.

They all had a great time despite a couple of barbwire scrapes/gashes and the lack of showering off because of the very long lines!  Them all said they would do it again next year.

I'm still not sure about a mud run for me but I did miss being out on the course with my girls!

Have you done a mud run?  Which one and would you do another?



  1. A great race and a great time, if you take out the ridiculous wait at one of the last obstacles. We will be back!


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