Monday, February 4, 2013

[Road Trip] Theme Song

I posted about our Buffalo trip but what I failed to mention in that post was that we drove to Buffalo, NY.  Yes, we spent 20+ hours and 2 days in the car together.  I thought it wasn't that bad.  I brought a book to read but felt more like vegging after 10 weeks in a long-term substitute position.  Our boys played their ipods and watched movies.  Mike did most of the driving.  He hated it and is determined to fly next time.  Works for me!

We listened to lots of music on our 20+ hour drive.  We heard one song in particular over and over.  It became what I considered our theme song of the trip.  I was tickled when Mike, who's not a huge pop fan, even knew the artist.  In his defence, his car stereo displays the title and artists of each song as it plays.  Still, I harassed him about knowing a pop star.  The song reminds me of our trip.  Now when it comes on the radio, I look at Mike and give him a playful smile.

Cause you make me feel like, I've been locked out of heaven!

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  1. I LOVE this song! Bruno Mars performed it on SNL a couple months back and I loved watching the back-up guys,"Oo!"

    Welcome to Music Monday! I linked up! :-)

  2. I LOVE this song - I almost put it up this week - I'm glad you did!! :) Thanks so much for sharing Chrissy, have a great week! :)

    Ho Hey Every Storm (Runs Out of Rain) it’s One Of Those Nights, let me Catch My Breath

  3. This really is a great way to rock things off for the start of a new week. Thanks for joining us on the virtual dance floor at Monday's Music Moves Me, my friend! Now following you! :)

  4. Bruno Mars is on one of my faves list! I love his videos actually. This song is rather reggae don't you think? I love me some reggae! Thanks for sharing and playin' along with us today! :)

  5. LOL! Funny that this became your theme song!

  6. I actually have never heard him before and love him! Great!
    I am your newest follower. COme by when you can.
    ~Naila Moon

  7. I adore Bruno Mars, but I dread road trips!

  8. I used to love road trips but now if it is more than 3-4 hours if I can't fly I don't

  9. I love road trips. I hope my kids will stil enjoy them as they get older.

    Very nice song! Thanks for rocking.


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