Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Revolt 2.3

Last week I finished week 3 of Revolt Fitness's second Uprising.  I'll call it 2.3 (Uprising 2, Week 3).  Each Revolt Fitness Uprising is a 6 week fitness and meal program.  This was my first full week on the program.

The program is 5 days a week with an optional rest day on Wednesday and a mandatory rest day on Sunday .  Monday, Thursday and Saturday I did cardio: giant circuits.  Tuesday was lower body and Friday was upper body.  After Monday's cardio with lots of squats and Tuesday's lower body workout, I could barely walk.  I hurt for a couple of days...squatting down to pick something up, making it down to sit on the toilet seat.  OUCH!  Who knows what I'm talking about?  It was a good hurt.  I definitely knew which muscles were worked and they were ones that needed working!

Saturday is also the grocery shopping day for the following week. Sunday is the food prep day. You are suppose to prep all the meals for the week.  The food prep didn't quite happened for me last week.  I prepared my meals day by day.  It would have been extremely helpful if I had done food prep on Sunday for my breakfasts and lunches.  I must do better at food prep because food is where I fail.

The meal plan is the same for the entire week.  The same breakfast and lunch all week work for me but I can't feed my family the same dinner 6 nights out of the week.  So since it's a six week program, I've chosen dinners from other weeks.  I'm able to substitute similar meals or foods.

Here are my stats after one week...

I'm on week four now so check back next Wednesday to see how I do!

Are you following a fitness plan?  How do you stay on a meal plan without slipping?

Disclaimer: I was given a free membership to Revolt Fitness in exchange for my honest review.  All opinions are my own.



  1. Is Revolt Fitness going to offer any specials to join? I'm thinking about it and it sounds like a program I could do. Also, could I incorporate my Body Combat workouts?

    1. Yes, they are suppose to have a special offer to join the next "uprising" which starts June 3rd (I think). I'll post once I have the details. :-)


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