Saturday, June 13, 2015

Robbie's Run 5K Recap 2015

This was the first year I participated in Robbie's Run on April 18.  At the time of the race, my thyroid was overactive and I was not yet on medication, so I knew it would be a tough 5K.  It had been a month since my last run because of the exhaustion and tremors that came with my overactive thyroid.

The race started at 8:00am with temperatures in the upper 70s. I was ready to run in my RunningSkirt and Strider shirt.

I met up with my awesome running group and our mandatory group picture. 

I planned to run this race on my own.  With my thyroid slowing me down, my usual running buddies would finish faster than me.  Even though I knew this would be a slower 5K, my goal was to finish around 30 minutes (my PR is 25:53).  I had a decent pace in the beginning but the longer I ran, the more fatigued and slower I became.  I was walking and drinking water around 1.5 miles, when Amber, a fellow Strider, passed me.  My new goal was to catch up with Amber.  She looked like she was doing great and I needed someone to keep me running.

Amber and I ran the rest of the race together, pushing each other to keep running on that hot and humid day. Shortly before the finish, Amber told me this was going to be a 5K PR for her.  What!  That was the determination I needed to keep going all the way to the finish.

We crossed the finish line and I thought I was going to fall down.  My hands and entire body were shaking with tremors.  I was beyond exhausted and I had only run 3.1 miles!  Afterwards, we had a delicious pancake breakfast, awards and raffle.  I won Boston Bill sunglasses!

My overactive thyroid really took a toll on me.  Looking back, I can see it in my pale face that I didn't look well.  Robbie's run was fun but now my racing was on hold until I got my thyroid under control.

Place: 98/224
Age Place: 15/17
Gender Place: 44/130
Avg Pace: 10:06
Gun Time: 31:20
Chip Time: 31:03

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