Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Beauty and the Beast at The Straz

Belle and Beast are at The Straz Center in Tampa, May 5 - 10.  My family and I had the opportunity to see this beautiful love story on opening night. 

As a mom, I loved the message behind the Beauty and the Beast story.  It taught us to always be kind and love others. It also showed, not to judge a person by his/her outward appearance.

Once a prince, the Beast was cursed because he was selfish and unkind to an enchantress who saw no love in his heart.  After many years alone in his castle, the Beast met Belle, a beautiful but odd girl.  Belle, at first afraid of the Beast, grew to love him as he changed into a kinder creature.  Belle and the Beast's love for one another broke the curse and returned all of the castle's enchanted inhabitants back to their human form.

Jillian Butterfield as Belle and Ryan Everett Wood as Beast. Photo from The Straz Center by Matthew Murphy

Dylan, my 10 year old, said he enjoyed the show.  Lumiere, the candelabra, was his favorite character because of his hilarious jokes, movements, and candle hands.  I think the French accent had something to do with it too.  Every time Lumiere was happy or excited about something, he lit up his candle hands with silly gestures.

The enchanted objects. Photo from The Straz Center by Matthew Murphy

Jared, my 13 year old, also loved Lumiere.  Patrick Pevehouse did a great job entertaining the kids and adults as an enchanted candelabra!

Jillian Butterfield as Belle and the cast. Photo from The Straz Center by Matthew Murphy

My husband and I thought Gaston, played by Cameron Bond, was quite the character, always flexing his muscles and admiring himself.  I have always loved Gaston's song in the's just so macho with over the top testosterone humor.  Jillian Butterfield's voice as Belle was amazing.  Of course, I loved all of the songs; Belle, Gaston, Be Our Guest, and Beauty and the Beast!

We thorough enjoyed this family show!  But we won't use antlers in all of our decorating.

What is your favorite Beauty and the Beast song?

Disclaimer: As a member of the Tampa Bay Bloggers, I received four tickets for my family.  All opinions are my own.

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