Monday, December 22, 2014

Gobbler 5K 2014 recap

This was the first year I ran a Thanksgiving Day race.  So close to home, the Gobbler 5K was the perfect option for me.

I had been wanting a nice flat course that I could PR for my 5K distance.  The Gobbler race took place in Starkey Park...where I run every Saturday morning.  Perfect!  I knew the park and flat running trails very well.

My PR to beat was 27:39 from 2 years ago.  I hadn't run a 5K in over a year and I knew I was faster.

Thanksgiving morning was a brisk 52 degrees...perfect running weather.  I met up with friends in my running group and we hung out until the start of the race.  My goal was a sub 27:00 5K to give me the PR.

We lined up in the start corral and someone asked if there was a mat at the start line.  I walked up to check and reported back that there was NOT a start mat.  No start mat meant that all timing chips started when the gun went off to signal the start of the race instead of when racers actually crossed the start line.  Racers that were a minute back in the start corral would already have an extra minute on their finish time before they even crossed the start line.  I was trying to PR so I moved up closer to the start line.

The race started and I felt great!  The temperature was cool and I was well fueled for a 5K.  We ran on the park road for about a mile, making our way to the trail.  I kept up a nice pace and loved seeing friends' faces as I ran.  We turned around at mile 2 to head back to the finish area.

My awesome race and pace continued to a Garmin finish time of 25:53!  My official chip time was 25:58 (because of no start mat).  Not only did I get a sub 27:00 but also a sub 26:00!  I was so happy with my new PR.

My new PR also won me a second place age group award!  Woot, Woot!  Never before had I won an age group award in a running race.  So excited!

This is a race I will definitely do again next Thanksgiving!

Age Div place: 2/38
Overall place: 103/617
Average pace: 8:31
Garmin time: 25:53
Gun/chip time: 25:58

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