Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Great White North

This Christmas we visited DH's family in Buffalo, NY. I grew up in Florida, not seeing snow until I was in college.  So for me, it's a treat to see and play in the snow.  Of course it's bitter cold and I would never want to live up north but I enjoy the snow for the week we are there.  My boys love playing in the snow too!  It's such a change from Florida.

It was great to see family, play euchre and relax.  I brought my running clothes and planned on running some miles on my sister-in-law's treadmill but it was packed away in the basement.  I had no desire to run out in the frigid cold on icy, rural roads.  Besides, I brought cute running skirts and tanks...nothing appropriate for 30 degree weather.

When we go on vacation, I like to see the sights and go on adventures.  A visit to Niagara Falls was a must for this trip.  I think the falls are beautiful, amazing, majestic and we go see them almost every time we are in Buffalo but this was the first time our boys got to see them from the Canadian side (and visit another country).  As we made our way to Niagara Falls, instead of listening to our GPS, we saw a sign for Canada and jumped on the interstate.  Well this interstate did not lead to the Peace Bridge right at Niagara Falls but into some northern part of Canada.  As soon as we crossed the border, the GPS was useless and our cell phones were roaming with astronomical data charges.  We were headed north with no option to go south.  By now the boys were whining, DH was aggravated and wished we'd stayed in NY.  It was touch and go for awhile but we finally got turned around and headed south towards the falls.

Finally, we reached the falls, parked and walked to see one of the great, natural wonders of the world.


My boys LOVED these ice trees.  As they were posing for this picture, the branches on the tree next to them fell to the ground with a loud crash.  Time to get out from under the pretty deadly trees boys!!


Oh, we love thee!

My family had a fantastic time at the falls even with our rough start.  We were all glad we decided to see Niagara Falls.  Another successful vacation.  Until next time Buffalo!



  1. Just to be clear, DH stands for Dear Husband (not the other thing).


  2. Gee..I thought it was designated husband. XOXO JK


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