Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Disney Marathon

Yes, that title does say Disney Marathon from someone who was not a runner!

I ran the Disney Marathon on January 13th...all 26.2 miles. This was my first marathon.  They were magical miles dedicated to the 26 people lost at Sandy Hook Elementary. My friend Daffodil created a bib for us to wear to honor those who lost their lives.

We proudly pinned the bibs on our backs.

I really enjoyed the Disney race. Yes there were some nontraditional terrains and slanted roadways but overall, it was a nice race course.

Volunteers offered Powerade and water at nearly every mile.  They even had two different chocolate stops!

A girl doesn't pass up chocolate!!  EVER!

My friend Denise and I ran the entire race together.  I'm thankful I had someone to run my first marathon with.  I didn't hit any walls during our 18 weeks of marathon training. In the actual marathon, I was over it by mile 17.  I was hot, tired, the bottom of my feet hurt, and I was ready to be done!  Fortunately, I got over that quickly and moved on because I still had 9 miles left to run.

We didn't stop for many character pictures but I couldn't pass up Mike Wazowski.
Mike Wazowski!  Mike Wazowski!

Almost to the finish!  My husband and boys were there to cheer us on, along with our friends Faith and Tanya.

I couldn't have done this without the support of my husband!

Our Minnie Mouse running outfits and Disney Marathon medals.  I love the skirt that I wore for the marathon (more on that later).

The after party with my wonderful marathon training group!  We did it girls!!

Overall place: 9919/20680
Division place: 826/1868
Gender place: 4148/10619
Half split: 2:36:14
Clock time: 5:48:44
Chip time: 5:31:46

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  1. Somehow, I missed this post! Great recap! It was fun to share your first marathon with you. xox


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