Thursday, February 13, 2014

Best Damn Race Recap 2014

This was my first time running The Best Damn Race in Safety Harbor, FL on Feb 1.  I ran the half marathon, my 9th half.  The half distance is usually my favorite distance.  I got this race done but it definitely wasn't MY best damn race.

Originally, I wanted this to be the race I finished in under 2 hours.  After my PR at the Space Coast half of 2:06, I thought this was a reasonable goal.  But come to find out, if I don't run regularly, the half marathon distance of 13.1 miles really SUCKS.  Hmm, who would have thought?!

I only ran once since the Disney Marathon back on January 12.  It was hot and humid on race morning.  I'm used to running on flat trails and the BDR course was anything but flat.  Yes the max elevation was only 82 ft. but the multiple little inclines were killers for me with my lack of training.

Because I registered for BDR early, I got free race photos! I thought it was only one race photo but it was ALL of my race photos.  How cool is that!  Thanks BDR and J Ryan Photography.

Thumbs up and still smiling for the camera but certainly not feeling this race.

I surrender!  Can someone carry me to the finish line?

This looks more like a shuffle than a run.  I was near the finish line and probably at about mile 11.

And this face about sums up how I felt at the end of BDR.

I earned a cool sailboat medal with a spinning sail, ate a Jimmy John's sub as part of the post-race food and hung out with friends.  Awesome!  My friend Mica even PRed with a time under 2:30.

Age Group Place: 59/117
Gender Place: 368/736
Overall Place: 705/1190
Chip Time: 2:19:49.8
Average Pace: 10:40/M

Starting this week I'm back to a regular running and workout schedule.  I can't run half marathons without proper training....well I can, but I hate it the whole time.



  1. LOL That recap so damn cute! I love the "I surrender" photo. lol I'm glad you're committed to training again.

    1. Thanks! My first Thursday morning run was rained out. :-(

  2. The I surrender photo is the best! I had a race like that where I hadn't really been training and I just wanted to curl up in a ball when it was over!


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