Monday, May 19, 2014

50 Fun Summer Activities

Fun Summer Activities

  1. Go to the beach at Honeymoon Island
  2. Have a movie marathon day at home
  3. Spend a day at Adventure Island
  4. Make snow cones
  5. Play at the park with friends
  6. Have a pool party!
  7. Go get frozen yogurt
  8. Take a bike ride on the trail
  9. Make homemade ice cream
  10. Go fishing
  11. Complete a summer reading log for Barnes & Noble
  12. Take our dog to a dog park
  13. Make cloud inspectors and watch the clouds
  14. Have a sleep over at your cousins' house
  15. Play LEGO zip line games
  16. Go bowling
  17. Have a water gun fight
  18. Go roller skating
  19. See a movie
  20. Have a sleep over at Grandma and Grandpa's house
  21. Play in the rain
  22. Make lava lamps
  23. Run a 5K race
  24. Find dandelions (do they really produce cool colors when on fire?)
  25. Make mini volcanos
  26. Star gazing at night and look for shooting stars
  27. Read some of the Sunshine State books
  28. Built a fort out of blankets and pillows
  29. Make cookies
  30. Go out for lunch
  31. Play Guitar Hero World Tour and learn a new song
  32. Go canoeing or kayaking
  33. Play board games
  34. Go swimming
  35. Microwave a bar of Ivory soap and see what happens
  36. Take a nature walk at a park
  37. Have breakfast for dinner
  38. Play in the sprinklers
  39. Visit the zoo
  40. Watch fireworks
  41. Fly a kite
  42. Paint a picture
  43. Stay up late
  44. Tie dye t-shirts
  45. Make popsicles
  46. Play balloon volleyball in the house
  47. Visit the library
  48. Build a sandcastle
  49. Go on a treasure hunt
  50. Plant flowers
What fun things do you have planned for summer?



  1. I want to know what happens if you microwave ivory soap!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. I love your list and that photo of the kids on the float. I wanna know if Dandelion produce colors when I fire, too


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