Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Wig Out Water Obstacle 5K Recap

My friends and I tried out a water obstacle 5K called Wig Out Against Brain Tumors by Miles for hope.  There were water slides!  What a fun way to finish 3 miles!!  We were also encouraged to wear wigs so we went with a colorful theme.

This was not a timed race so we were there to have fun and look cute in the process!  We took pictures along the way as we completed the obstacles and had a wonderfully good time!

We did do some running between the obstacles.

It was a wet and wild kind of day!

In the second half of the race, we had to take our shoes off to experience the inflatable slides.

Here's one of the more challenging obstacles with Maribel scaling a wall.

After the race was over, we followed the lead of all the kids and rinsed off in the park's fountain.

Unfortunately, after all the fun sliding and running, there was no race food left.  Disappointing because we started an hour and a half before the last wave started.  My friends were able to get their free beer.

It's refreshing to do a race just for fun without worrying about time and PRs.

Do you enjoy a fun run?

This was my 13th race for 13 in 2013!  I did it...13 races done!



  1. adorable, colorful photos. I love the face paint!

  2. You all look so cute!! Bummer about the food, but at least there was beer!!


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