Thursday, July 30, 2009

Trek is the Word

I love biking....have ever since I was a kid. I usually ride a mountain bike for recreation. I've never done any races. After running a couple 5k races, I've got the race bug. My hubby, cousin and I have talked about doing a sprint tri this fall. So recently I purchased a road bike.

Here's my new bike. Maybe I'll call it The Blue Blur. ;-)

It's such a smooth ride compared to my mountain bike. Tonight's ride around the neighborhood with 2 friends....

Miles: 9.7

Top Speed: 21 mph

Not quite a Blue Blur, but I'll work on it!


  1. Nice bike! Sweet ride! We definitely need to hit the trails while the kids are in school.

  2. NICE Chrissy! I just hope your seat isn't that high!!!!!!


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